The fastest way to business success is a combination of modern approaches and ancient knowledge.

- Potovanje Duše

Zen Conferencing Vision

Potovanje duse d.o.o. presents Zen Conferencing venues for rent. Zen Conferencing is here to help advanced companies rise above the general business standards and include the principles of managing energies into their work.


First time in Slovenia: Zen conferencing venues, helping your organisation reach next level results. Hourly, half-day and daily rentals of conferencing rooms, combining modern business environment with eternal Zen energies.


Zen conferencing presents the next level in building your business success. It serves all organisations and individuals who are aware of the importance of their working environment. The right spaces activate your potentials for reaching your purpose easier and faster.


We have created the right environment for you. Combining years of experience in teaching meditation, exploring energy laws and cooperating with the greatest international entrepreneurs, we designed the perfect environment for your ideas to be heard and brought to life faster and with more power.


Invite your clients, colleagues and business partners to the environment where they will feel at home.


All venues are in the Bezigrad district of Ljubljana, at Dunajska cesta 151, 1000 Ljubljana, in the 4th floor of an elite business building.


Being located in the business district, there are all important institutions in the vicinity of the venues: hotels, banks, post offices, restaurants…


Potovanje duse d.o.o. offers three venues at your choice, each carrying a unique individual energy.