Additional Services

Video recording and post-production

Zen conferencing presents the WakeUp Creation team. Their primary vision is supporting and enabling various types of creative activities in a wide range of industries. The WakeUp team helps all of you, creative artists from different areas, with ideas and creates an unforgettable video experience of your event at our venue. They have been trusted by many global and local giants. Be one of them.

The WakeUp Creation covered our events with their amazing video production, when we hosted the unforgettable global influencer Jay Shetty, New York Times bestselling author Neale Donald Walsch and many more. Take a look at their work at


Additional camera
80 EUR
  • Additional camera for dynamic editing (static)
Live stream
40 EUR
  • Streaming video online (live stream)
Digital capture
40 EUR
  • Real-time digital presentation capture
Additional lighting
50 EUR
  • Additional studio flash lamps or lights for a photo booth

* Prices do not include VAT. The photo and video packages are available also as individual services.


We choose only the best for you. Alamma translations team understands all languages. They provide highly qualified and experienced interpreters for any language combination. Simultaneous and consecutive interpretation requires high levels of concentration. Therefore, two interpreters are needed to exchange at events longer than 2 hours. The prices below are stated for one interpreter.

No other equipment is included in the prices (headphones, booths). They are available by agreement.

Additional interpretation services

Some situations can bring additional costs, such as:

  • unexpected prolongation of interpreting
  • work on the weekend
  • recording of the event
  • remote work
  • travel costs
  • payment compensation in the case of event cancellation etc.

Writing Pack

Writing Pack
10 EUR / oseba
  • ‘Zen conferencing’ notebook
  • Pen
  • Bottle of water

The “Writing Pack” is the last bit of detail that makes every event much easier. It includes a beautiful ‘Zen conferencing’ notebook that can take any information, a pen that forgets nothing and a bottle of water. It makes sure people can simply devote all their focus to your event.